Preschool Program

Preschool Program (Using Preschool Curriculum 2017)

Somapa School believes that children are natural learners who are always enthusiastic and eager to explore new things. Therefore, the school utilizes a play-based Kindergarten Program where children are free to interact and play, all with the aim of learning. In addition, children will be learning using all their five human senses, interact with friends and involving in various experiments that fit with their skill levels, all in an established environment filled with useful learning materials and technologies.

Teaching and Learning Management Guidelines

Somapa School supports Active Learning and utilizes the Learning Center for early childhood students, Project Approach and Multiple Intelligence Theory to enhance our teaching program.


Learning Center: the school have organized media and learning corners such as language corners, science corners, role playing corners, block corners, arts corners, computer corners, etc. for students to learn intuitively and motivate them to think and make decisions rationally.

Project Approach: a learning in which in-depth research is performed according to each child’s interests which encourages them to think, ask questions, find answers, and then present them to others all by themselves.

Multiple Intelligence Theory: the school believes that humans have the ability or intelligence in 8 aspects; thus, we will execute a deep analysis to identify these hidden intelligences in every child via educating them through a series of real-life experiences as this approach will allow the students to discover their special abilities and develop them to their maximum capabilities.


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