Intensive English Program

The goal of this program is to provide a modern 21st century international quality English language teaching program to the students and equip them with age-appropriate communication skills.

Teaching and Learning Management Guidelines

The Intensive English Program is part of the school curriculum. The students will have a chance to learn and practice English skills through our intensive lessons, all during the school hours, as additional English classes will be added to the main curriculum. In addition, the course will be taught by a native speaker, and will be utilizing modern teaching materials and various presentation approaches (Teaching Approach) to enhance the overall learning experience and productivity. Moreover, the classes will be organized as a Thematic Unit, a participatory teaching atmosphere, emphasizing on personality enhancement, emotional intelligence, and cultural exchange. Furthermore, teaching quality will be monitored throughout the academic year to ensure that all students develop a strong communication skillsets and academic knowledge up to the standard set by the school.



For inquiries, please contact the Administration Department every day, including public holidays.

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  • Tel: 0-2734-8865